Thursday, August 19, 2010


Hello Ladies!
I know it's been a loooong time since you all have heard from me. I went M.I.A. last month due to a couple of circumstances.
#1 being: My husband returned home from Iraq. His tour this time was short lived but I am extremely greatful that his replacements got there earlier than they were expected and that he's home safe. I am SO glad to have him back though, even though it was literally like a days notice before I found out he was coming home. His ONLY requests for me when he returned was to stay off the computer and keep out of my scrapbooking room and spend some quality time with him and the fam bam. So I did...with a short facebook sneek here and there. I had no time to warn you all or even prepare for my absence and it totally sucked being away from you all. I've missed you all dearly.
#2: A couple of my sisters from Hawaii came down the SAME DAY my husband got in and I had been preparing for their arrival all that week. My mother and a couple of my other sisters from Hawaii came a week later and left just yesterday (August 18). So, to keep my mind off of all my responsibilities in the online/crafty world we have been keeping busy and staying on the go.
Since my husband is back to work now and my family is gone I wanted to take a moment today to make contact and to let you all know that I haven't fell off the earth...yet. Also, I'm sorry if I had any of you worried and got any of you upset. It was a quick decision I had to make and I hope you all accept my appology.
I'll be a little busy for the remaining of the week as I am preparing for an important meeting this Saturday. My husband and I have decided to build a house and make Texas our home and this Saturday is when we go over the floorplan and some of the other details. FUN, FUN, FUN!
I know I have A LOT to catch up on scrap-wise and A LOT of updates to make for the DT's I'm a part of. Luckily I have my sweetheart, Ally Serrato, to thank for helping me with some of those things that need updating. I love you girl!
Things should be back to normal SOON!
Since I've skipped out on things for awhile I am also not on top of my game right now and if there is any prizes owed or something I forgot to send somebody PLEASE let me know what it is by emailing me personally at Put IMPORTANT in capital letters to catch my attention and leave all the details in the email to help me remember.
Thanks so much for understanding!

Enjoy the music!

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